Our Purpose


Our purpose is to grow as a community of people who together 
worship God, love with His love, and serve with His grace

Worship God

This will mean being a church focused on knowing God as Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We do this by helping people enter into a real relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Through that relationship we receive the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, and we come to know and depend on God the Father as our Father who loves us. We will be diligent to accurately represent God as He has revealed Himself to us through Jesus. We want the people of Vineyard Church to have a growing, experiential awareness of God's presence, power and love as a normal part of our everyday lives. And since knowing God as He truly is will always lead us to worship Him, gathering for worship is an essential part of the rhythm of our life together.

Love with His Love

We want to be a church that reflects the community of the Trinity. Vineyard Church is to be a place of belonging, a place where anyone and everyone is welcome. We want to be a community where friendships start easily and grow towards intimacy, even in the midst of our racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, and political diversity. We want all of us to feel accepted as we are, and yet challenged to become all God created us to be. We are to be a community where true transparency is possible, where real accountability is available, and where mercy triumphs over judgment.

We also want our church to be a place for healing. Through the naturally supernatural ways in which the Holy Spirit works in and through us, we expect to see physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual healing. We expect to see the restoration of broken marriages, broken families, and broken lives. We understand that all of us share in the brokenness of humanity, and all of us share in the need for God's healing power. But we understand, too, that since God's Kingdom has not yet fully come, healing doesn't always happen, and suffering is a part of this life. And so we also expect to be a place where God's compassion, comfort, and support is freely given and received.

Serve with His Grace

Our church is to be a center for equipping followers of Jesus. We believe that every one of us has an essential part to play in God's story, and that God does extraordinary things through ordinary people like us. That means we all have a responsibility to serve both in the church and in the world around us. Through faithful teaching and application of the Scriptures, through helping each other discover the gifts and callings God has given us, and through encouraging risk-taking and celebrating attempts, even when we fail, we will equip members of our church to become the people God created us to be and to do the things He created us to do. One particular part of this vision for equipping is seeing our church as a center for raising up leaders. This includes not only pastoral leaders and church planters, but also scholars and theologians. We want to be a church where discussion and debate on the challenges and issues facing our generation and world are encouraged to take place with intellectual vigor and honesty. We want to equip those working in every field to become agents of and influencers for God's kingdom.

Our purpose is to be a missional community, living out our present lives in light of our future hope in God's new creation, and participating with Jesus in the renewal of all things. First and foremost, that means constantly sharing the good news of Jesus. In the words of Isaiah, it means to pour ourselves out for the hungry (Isaiah 58:10), whether that hunger is physical, spiritual, emotional, or relational. It means being Jesus' hands and feet, serving the needs of those around us. It means saturating Grafton, Cedarburg, Port Washington, and Saukville with practical demonstrations of the love of God, becoming intentionally engaged in the life and affairs of these communities, and then extending that into the rest of Ozaukee County, Washington County, Milwaukee County, and beyond. It means planting new churches on a regular basis, and serving in cross-cultural missions here in the US and abroad. It means being God's agents of reconciliation and restoration in the world, sharing the faith, the hope, and the love which God has so richly poured into our lives.