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15 October

First Steps

First Steps

Get Planted

Imagine yourself toward the end of your life, looking back on the life you have lived. What is it you would hope to see? Very few people in that situation wish they would have spent more time at work, or wish they would have accumulated more wealth and possessions.

All of us are having our lives shaped every day by the choices we make; by the thoughts we think and the words we speak; by the things we do, or don’t do. In the midst of our busy lives it can be difficult to see the long- term impact of our everyday decisions. But as surely as walking along one path instead of another will lead us to one destination instead of another, so whatever we allow to shape our lives will do just that.

Here at the Vineyard, we’re convinced that the life we all hope to have is a life that has been shaped by Jesus. So our passion is to help each other live that Jesus-shaped life.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Our First Step Groups are designed with that in mind. They are not in-depth classes in which you will be taught all you need to know. Rather, they are opportunities to discover how, whether you are just beginning to follow Jesus or you’ve been on that path for decades, the Vineyard can help you to live a Jesus-shaped life.

Having our lives shaped by Jesus always happens in the context of community. So in Get Planted, we talk about what being a part of our Vineyard community looks like. Grow explores some of the primary ways in which Jesus shapes us, and specifically which of those ways might make the most sense for you right now. Flourish then builds on that. Our lives flourish when we are in sync with who God created us to be, and doing what He created us to do.

Get Planted, Grow, and Flourish. These are our First Step Groups. Five times each year we offer one of these groups each week for three consecutive weeks, during our 10:15 worship service. Attending all three groups not only provides you with a great introduction to following Jesus here at the Vineyard. It also qualifies you for membership in Vineyard Community Church, should you wish to take that step.

You can register online for our First Step Groups here.