Vineyard Youth


...whether you're a boy or a girl, tall or short, talkative or quiet, Vineyard Youth Ministries is a place you can call home. We're a growing community of students who worship God, love with His love, and serve with His grace. This is where we learn how to do those things in a safe, productive, and outrageously fun environment that is open to anyone in 5th through 12th grade.

Join us to experience God's love and fellowship with good friends!

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Enter through the Lower Level doors at Vineyard Community Church Grafton. MAP

Need more information about our group email Nate Klement at

Our Mission 

Our purpose at the Vineyard is to help everyone grow together as a community of people who worship God, love with his love and serve with his grace. We do that by helping one another be formed into the image of Christ for the sake of others.

So in our 5th - 12th grade Youth Ministry, that means:

  • First and foremost we will equip the youth with practices, knowledge, and spiritual experiences so that they can know and experience God now as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and with that strong foundation they will continue their journey after high school.
  • We will train them to be more aware of God’s presence in everything they do.
  • We will do all of this in an environment that is safe, fun, positive and promotes the growth of community with like-minded students.

These are the primary outcomes we are working towards in our youth ministry:

Middle School:

  1. To know their identity in God
  2. Experience God through spiritual formation practices
  3. Pray for others using the 5 step prayer model
  4. Basic understanding of the New Testament story and doctrines
  5. Participate in serving the poor, outreach and evangelism

High School:

  1. Has a solid understanding of the overall story of the bible in 5 acts (Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, and Church) 
  2. Be trained and practiced in using the supernatural gifts of the Spirit for ministry
  3. Have established a daily and weekly rhythm of practicing spiritual disciplines of worship, prayer, bible study, giving, journaling etc.
  4. Actively serving in the ministry of the Vineyard at least once per month
  5. Have a day-to-day awareness of God’s presence in all things